Circle for Adults

Next Date: Mar 12, 2017 From: 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

Becoming a parent in-and-of-itself is one of the most life-altering, challenging, and rewarding experiences many of us will ever have. Growing in to parenthood commonly involves changes to one’s worldview, one’s relationship to community, and view of self. Shifts in our attention, our energy, even our time-scale, are accompanied by changing values and new priorities. This group aims to fill a respectably sized hole in the field of services available to families by providing a supportive, educational, and therapeutic space just for fathers. We’re extremely excited to begin this new group. Please join us in this journey!

Group purpose:

*Support new dads in this phase of adapting to new responsibilities, new pressures, and challenges.
*Provide a space for dialogue, questions, and sharing about our experiences
*Use the diversity of perspectives as a tool for deepening self-awareness and relational awareness
*Learn about (and practice!) baby/toddler/parenting topics that are relevant and of interest to the group
*Help to clarify individual priorities for this stage of parenthood
*Explore ways to balance personal needs in the context of the family
*Provide a supportive, relaxed, and welcoming space play to with and learn from your child

Group Makeup:
Closed group of 3-7 dads with children, ages 18 mos and below

Sundays 11-12:30pm (Will include snacks)

6 weeks

$35/day or $180 for the 6-week duration

(series payments currently accepted in-person only via check or cash)

**$35 to reserve a space - SPACE LIMITED**