private childbirth preparation

Freedom to Birth™ is Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach's signature childbirth education course! This private course is especially curated to meet your individual needs. Couples are prepared in two ways: to gain an understanding of the physiological process of labor AND to find ways to connect with their body, mind, and heart in order to have the empowered birth of their choice. 

Connecting expecting couples with the intuitive side of birth and evidence-based information, Freedom to Birth™ offers a full range of knowledge and tools for making informed decisions and staying present in the birthing experience. Whether you’re giving birth at a hospital, birth center or home this class will offer alternatives to the mainstream approach to birth, teach you what you need to know and help you connect with YOUR knowledge about how to give birth YOUR way!

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in-home private CLASSES offered or at parent craft


Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach is an experienced birth doula currently serving families in Brooklyn.  She has served over 200 families in NYC, Austin, TX and around the world. Whether you are planning a hospital, birth center, or home birth delivery doula support can be crucial for the birth of your choice. 

Using an agenda-free and trauma informed approach, Elizabeth brings warmth, knowledge, and support to your birth. If you are experiencing anxiety/depression, or have a history of anxiety/depression/trauma, Elizabeth can help guide you in understanding how to better cope with these symptoms and learn tools to support you in pregnancy and your birth experience.

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The early days and months postpartum are times when we all need additional support and community. Nurture{Bklyn} empowers, nurtures and supports families throughout the journey of parenthood.  Having support allows you to be the best parent (and partner) possible.  

Nurture{Bklyn} offers postpartum doula support to help new parents reach a state of thriving rather than survival. During three hour intervals in your home we offer emotional support, breastfeeding support, meal preparation, and  home organization to help nurture and care for you as a new parent so your focus can be on your growing family. 

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breastfeeding counseling

Success in breastfeeding doesn’t happen alone.. it happens with support! The breastfeeding relationship between a mother and her child takes time, nurturing attention, and caring and knowledgable support. If you are a new breastfeeding mother, or you have an established breastfeeding relationship and need some additional support, please seek assistance. One doesn’t have to struggle alone in any of this parenting stuff, and most certainly, not in breastfeeding.

Our Certified Breastfeeding Counselors are available to support you in your journey. We know there are several ways to feed a baby and we come to you with an agenda-free approach. If you are experiencing a painful latch, need guidance with positioning, or just overall support please reach out.

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