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In partnership with the Parent Craft collective, located in the heart of Park Slope, Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach, LCSW offers therapy for women/couples who are in the midst of the transitions of pregnancy/trying to conceive, postpartum, or parenting.

Elizabeth specializes in maternal mental health and offers therapy for women who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD/trauma who are in need of emotional support in this transitional period, either immediately following birth or within the first year of parenting.  Being a parent herself, and a doula for many years, she understands the realities that come with being a new parent and how it can be easy to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed among other feelings. She offers a warm, supportive environment in which new parents will gain insight into their emotions, and learn tools for the expression of them.  She believes that healing happens in relationship and that the therapeutic relationship can be a place - a safe haven- to practice these skills.   

**Babies and partners are welcome during sessions** 

**In home therapy offered for women in the postpartum period (birth to 12 weeks)**

**Please reach out for a free 20 min consultation**


individual therapy for women tTC, Pregnant, or postpartum

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BIRTH PROCESSING FOR new parents & birth workers


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